The Owners, the Pearson Family

The mild, summer Mediterranean climate of the Gulf Islands made it an easy retirement choice for a couple used to the cold of central Canada. With many years of experience hosting people and maintaining properties, Carmen and Andy Pearson took over the operation of Blue Vista Resort in 2009, continuing a tradition of nearly 50 years of an operating small family-run resort on Mayne Island.

Carmen, having worked in family resorts since a young girl and feeling compelled to maintain the tradition, easily fell into step with the needs of the cottages and guests at Blue Vista. You are most likely to see Carmen darting around—as she cleans cabins, answers phones, folds laundry or occasionally sneaks off for a swim or snorkel in Bennett Bay or to look after the garden in their home a short distance from the resort.

Today, Andy, retired, when not running boat trips, interisland taxis and fishing charters on his boat, can be found doing occasional maintenance work at Blue Vista, or picking up foot passengers at the ferry.

Liz can occasionally be found helping to check guests in or cleaning cabins…that is when she’s not sunbathing on one of Mayne’s many beaches or swinging on the beach with her Dad, petting dogs or working at one of her many other jobs on the island—AND –that is, when she’s not working towards her degree as a Nurse Practitioner through UVIC the rest of the year.

Doug is our official wood-splitter, providing the logs for our fireplaces and other muscle, when required. If you see the old red Toyota Tacoma come roaring in and a burly looking fellow jump out—that’s Doug. Doug is working as a land surveying assistant while finishing his degree in Geomatics/Geography at UVIC. He keeps fit for the rigours of Blue Vista and fishing with his Dad by playing rugby for the Vikes.